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Compressor Aftercoolers

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Aftercoolers are heat exchangers that remove the heat from compressed air. The most common compressor aftercoolers use much cooler ambient air or cool water to remove the heat, which is also effective in removing moisture from compressed air.

Aftercoolers remove moisture / water vapor in compressed air systems by cooling the air below its dew point, causing water vapor to condense into liquid form. Moisture, either vapor or condensed in compressed air systems can cause considerable damage to distribution equipment and or the final product.

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Full Line of Sizes and Features
Energy Efficient
High Performance
Compressed Air and Gas Aftercoolers

Pressure, Temperature & Flows:

High Flows (up to 3500 scfm)
Low Flows (less than 20 scfm)
300 psi (test pressure)
350 F (operating temperature)


Air and Water Cooled Aftercoolers & Accessories:
Air Cooled Aftercooler

Air Cooled Aftercoolers:

Full Line of Sizes and Features
Energy Efficient
Aluminum Cores Available
Complete Units or Core Only
Water Cooled Aftercooler

Water Cooled Aftercoolers:

Compressed Air and Gas Aftercoolers
For Water to Air Cooler
Stainless Steel Options
Quincy Replacement Aftercoolers
Custom Configurations
Complete Units or Core Only
Moisture Separators & Float Drains

Moisture Separators
& Float Drains:

Wide SCFM Capacity
Automatic and Manual Drain Options
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