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Compressor Aftercoolers

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There are certain quantities of water and other airborne contaminants found in ambient air and when this air is compressed, the contaminants remain. If not removed, the water and particles can be harmful to your pneumatically operated equipment. Also, through the compression process, the air becomes hot – to hot for standard filtration. The end result is poor product quality.

Compressor Aftercoolers, moisture separators, and float drains can alleviate this problem with our large offering of Air Cooled or Water Cooled aftercoolers and accessories. Through the action of cooling the air, water condenses and drains away, taking many of the other contaminants with it. The result is cleaner, cooler air that, will provide the better air quality and increases the performance of your air operated processes.


Compressed air flows into the heat exchanger. Cooling media flows over the exchanger (which is typically either air or water) and as the compressed air cools, the moisture condenses. When the air reaches the moisture separator, centrifugal motion causes the condensed water and other contaminants to hit the cylinder walls and drip away to the drain.

Air Cooled Aftercooler

Air Cooled Aftercoolers:

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Water Cooled Aftercooler

Water Cooled Aftercoolers:

Compressed Air and Gas Aftercoolers
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