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Moisture Separators:
Moisture Separators and Float Drains are the final step in removing moisture from compressed air after its been cooled and has condensed. Compressed air is spun thru a centrifugal separator whereby the remaining suspended moisture collects against the walls of the unit and falls down toward the drain / trap. Moisture separators must be mounted in a vertical configuration.

Float Drains:
Once the moisture has been separated from the compressed air, a float drain either automatically or manually discharges the liquid while maintaining the pressure of the compressed air system.

Moisture Separator:

  Moisture Separator
High Efficiency Separators
Automatic Float Style Drain (optional)
Flows 5 SCFM to - 3500 SCFM

Float Drain:

  Float Drain
Automatic Condensate Drain
Cast Zinc Construction
Quick Disconnect for Easy Service
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