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Water Cooled Aftercoolers

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Water cooled units unit can usually be mounted in a vertical or horizontal configuration. Standard models are with cooper tubes and steel shells, while there are options available including CuNi (for sea water and stainless steel for highpressure gases). The hot compressed airflows through the tubes while the cooling water flows in the opposite direction around the tubes. The result is cooler air with limited pressure drop.

Reduced Approach Temperature:
The superior design of the aftercoolers ensures that the compressed air will be cooled to the closest approach temperature above the cooling media temperature. This outstanding heat exchanger performance, combined with the high efficiency of a separator, ensures the maximum removal of moisture from the compressed air.

Properly Selected and Installed:
Aftercoolers are designed to withstand high temperatures. This ensures problem-free service under the most demanding operating conditions.

Reduced Water Consumption:
The cooling water consumption can be adapted to your needs and optional removable tube bundle designs make for easy inspection and maintenance of the heat exchanger.

C and SSC Aftercoolers:

  C Aftercooler
Full Line of Sizes and Features
Quincy Replacement Aftercoolers
Energy Efficient
High Performance

AB Aftercoolers:

  AB Aftercooler
Full Line of Sizes
Sea Water Service Available
Energy Efficient
High Performance

HiRoss Aftercoolers:

Suitable for Packaged Compressors
Patented Helical Tubes
15-20 Degree Approach Temp.
10 SCFM to 27,000 SCFM
ASME and TEMA Standars
Removable Bundle Configuration

IPAC Aftercoolers:

Full Line of Sizes and Features
Energy Efficient
High Performance

Quincy Aftercooler

Replacement Aftercooler
Replacement Compressor Oil Cooler
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